Guide self-steering connector



A sliding way change direction connector, which is matched with the sliding way built-in type or outlay type safety catch, and is used in the work high above the ground of electric power, telecommunication, chemical industry and building. The utility model comprises two sliding ways in a straight line and a spin piece between the two sliding ways. The two sections of the guide rails can be separately connected with the guide rails which are well laid down and facing to different directions, the spin piece comprises a connecting guide rail and a revolution axis, the ends of the guide rails connected with the spin piece are respectively fixed with an axle seat, the two ends of the spin piece revolution axis are respectively connected with the axle seat. The connecting guide rail of the spin piece is fixed with an axle bearing, and the axle bearing is also arranged with a spacing board, and the end of the guide rail connected with the spin piece is also equipped with a check plate for preventing the guiding out. The utility model can realize the change direction connection along the revolution axis between the glide rails facing to different directions, the rails can be replaced without discharging the safety catch component from the rails, and the rigidity is good, the structure is simple, the use is convenient and the utility model is safe and reliable.




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