Concrete form panel precast concrete exterior wall decoration heat preservation formwork



The utility model relates to a pre-cast concrete exterior wall decorative and heat preserving template which belongs to the building engineering technical field. The template adopts a decorative coat which is pre-cast with the one-off reverse brushing shaping process, a reinforcing steel bar truss, a steel bar concrete slab, a hear preserving material layer and a pre-embedded connecting part, the relationship between which lies in that the back side of the decorative coat is combined with the steel bar concrete slab; the reinforcing steel bar truss and the pre-embedded connecting part are laid in the steel bar concrete slab which is being made and extend out of the back side of the steel bar concrete slab; the heat preserving material layer is combined with the back side of the steel bar concrete slab. The template is a concrete decorative board which is fixed onto the structure one off and permanently, with high integration level and capable of effectively improving the exterior wall performance and construction quality.




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