Jointing piece of combined furniture


  • Inventors: QIGUO HU
  • Assignees: 胡齐国
  • Publication Date: November 14, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-200973523-Y


A assemble furniture jointing element is composed of a rectangular plate and a connecting element, wherein the rectangular plate is made of plastics and has connecting ribs and through-holes; protruding sheets are formed on the upper and lower part of the two ends of the rectangular plate; the connecting element has a connecting bar, a L-shaped connecting block, a connecting rod, a connecting sheet and a fastener. Plug blocks are formed at the two ends of the connecting bar, a clipping hole and a barrier sheet are arranged at the end of the connecting rod, a protruding block and a concave slot are formed at the middle part of the connecting rod, the plug blocks are fitted with the through-holes on the rectangular plate, the clipping hole is fitted with a clipping bar on the connecting sheet, the barrier sheet contacts the edge of the connecting sheet, and the concave slot is fitted with protruding sheet on the rectangular plate. By butt-jointing the rectangular plate with the connecting element, various kinds of furniture such as bookshelf, table, closet, stool, exhibition table, etc. can be formed. The utility model can be made from plastic by injection molding, and has advantages of low production cost, no need for tools during mounting and dismounting, low labor consumption, low storage cost and convenient assembling and disassembling.




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