Drainage structure of electronic scale



The utility model relates to a scale body drainage structure of electronic scale. The upper surface of the pedestal is an inclined plane whose middle is high and both sides are inclined downward. The pedestal is provided with bossed retaining sides around, and both retaining sides in low-points are all provided with effluent flumes. Taking advantage of requiring horizontal adjustment before using the electronic scale, the utility model makes the upper surface of the pedestal into the inclined plane, and effluent flumes are provided on the retaining sides, so the condensed water formed in the scale body naturally flows to the upper surface of he pedestal in the effects of gravity, and converges to the lowest part of the pedestal by the inclined plate and drains from the effluent flumes in time. Because the condensed water doesn't detain in the scale body, so the corrosion for the structural and electrical components can be reduced, and the working reliability and service life can be improved.




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