Disposable injector


  • Inventors: YUN,WU DONG
  • Assignees: 董云
  • Publication Date: November 07, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-200970400-Y


The utility model relates to a disposable syringe, in particular to a disposable syringe, belongs to a technical field of medical appliance and aims to design a disposable syringe, which can prevent the repeated use and prevent the body health from being influenced by the bacterial infection. The technical proposal of the utility model is: the length of a disposable syringe needle tube nipple is two times of the length of a normal syringe needle tube nipple, and the end of the nipple is sealed. The middle of the nipple is provided with an impression, of which the wall thickness is thinner than the other parts and easily being broken off. The utility model is mainly used in the injection to a patient.




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