Freezing therapeutic device


  • Inventors: XIULING,QI HAN
  • Assignees: 韩秀玲
  • Publication Date: November 07, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-200970265-Y


The utility model relates to a medical instrument, and to specify, is a freezing treatment apparatus for freezing treatment of skins, which comprises a handle (1), a liquid storage tube (2), a connecting tube (3) and a freezing head (4), wherein the freezing head (4) is connected with the liquid storage tube (2) through the connecting tube (3) on the liquid storage tube (2), and the other end of the liquid storage tube is in fixed connection with the handle (1); a liquid port (5) is opened on the liquid storage tube (2), and a regulating switch (6) is provided inside the liquid port (5). The utility model has the advantages of: simple structure, simple and convenient use, low cost, convenient maintenance and capability of continuous refrigerating.




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