Remote control plug lamp


  • Inventors: YUJUN YAO
  • Assignees: 姚育军
  • Publication Date: October 31, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-200969140-Y


The utility model relates to a remote control plug lamp which comprises a transmitter and a receiver; wherein, the receiver comprises a receiving circuit, a decoding circuit, a driving circuit, an implementing circuit and a stabilized voltage power supply. The receiving circuit is connected with the decoding circuit, the driving circuit is connected with the implementing circuit, and the driving circuit is indirectly connected with the decoding circuit. The implementing circuit directly drives the operation of the lamp; a switch is arranged between a socket and the lamp and only can control the switch on and switch off of the lamps. The main advantages of the utility model are the convenience and to dispose a plurality of inconveniences of the daily life for the extensive families. The circuit has the advantages of small area, high reliability, powerful practicability, low cost and easy operation. One receiving (receiver) can transmit a plurality of transmitting (transmitter) and a transmitting (transmitter) also can receive a plurality of receiving (receiver). The match is flexible without changing the circuit.




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