Portable vessel used ample power diesel modularized testing device



The utility model relates to a piece of portable, marine, high-power, diesel engine modularization testing equipment, characteristically, comprising pluralities of sensors used for testing the relevant components of the diesel engine, pluralities of signal magnifier connected with each of the sensors in correspondence, the signal collecting distribution device connected with the output port of each signal magnifier, the signal analyzing and processing system connected with the output port of each signal collecting and processing device, and the output parts connected with the output port of the signal analyzing and processing device. Besides, each module of the sensors is the subject to choose on basis of the testing requirement, and matches with each kind of magnifiers in the magnifying modules. The utility model has the advantages of quickly and cleverly testing the high speed dynamic parameter of the diesel engine and analyzing the performance of each part by means of assembling the high speed data concerning the relevant dynamic parameter when the diesel engine cylinder is in working condition, and then dealing with the data, and displaying and analyzing the burning, air changing, spurting performance of the diesel engine.




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