Low resistance long-life ball bearing


  • Inventors: BAOCHEN LIANG
  • Assignees: 梁宝臣
  • Publication Date: October 24, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-200965003-Y


The utility model provides a general mechanical part, in particular to a low-resistance long-service life ball bearing which consists of an external bearing sleeve, a middle bearing sleeve, an internal bearing sleeve and steel balls; the external bearing sleeve, the middle bearing sleeve and the internal bearing sleeve are arranged by layer from exterior to interior; the steel balls are embedded by layer between the external bearing sleeve, middle bearing sleeve and the internal bearing sleeve. Compared with the prior art, the pulley group bearing of the utility model has the characteristics of that the design is reasonable, the friction resistance is small, the work efficiency and service life of the mechanical equipment can be improved when widely applied to the mechanical equipment, the energy consumption can be reduced when applied to the traffic vehicle and electric tools, etc. Therefore, the utility model has good generalization and application value.




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