Energy-saving light-adjusting glass structure


  • Inventors: SHUISEN WU
  • Assignees: 吴水森
  • Publication Date: October 17, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-200961417-Y


The utility model relates to an energy-saving light modulating glass structure, which comprises a support framework, a glazing glass disposed on the support framework structure, two rotating shafts, a light modulating belt, and a driving mechanism. The utility model is characterized in that the driving mechanism comprises a micro motor, the same sides of the rotating shafts are provided with face-gears respectively, a transmission bar is provided between the two rotating shafts, and the two ends of the transmission bar are respectively provided with two gears which are engaged with the face-gears respectively, and the rotating shafts drive the light modulating belt to move through the reversible rotation of the micro motor. The utility model drives the light modulating belt to move through the reversible rotation of the micro motor, and the transparent sections of the light modulating belt of which can be changed at any time according to indoor work, or demands of life, or personal preferences, thereby can easily adjust the brightness degree of the sunlight indoor and at the same time can reach the decoration and beautification effects of indoor environment. The utility model can not only be used for making light modulating window glasses, but also making light modulating glass baffle walls, which can effectively save energy, and has excellent application prospect.




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