Double-handle portable interlayer plastic cutlery box


  • Inventors: LIN LEI
  • Assignees: 雷琳
  • Publication Date: October 17, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-200959908-Y


An interlayer plastic cartoon with double handles to lift consists of a cartoon cover (1) and a cartoon body (2), both of which are round. Said cartoon cover (1) is symmetrically distributed with two handles (3), which are hinged with the cartoon cover (1) through an axis sleeve (4). One end of the handle is equipped in the side of the cover (1) and another end which is in angle shape is in the upper end of the cover (1). Said cartoon body (2) is evenly distributed into three partitions (5), which could overcome the deficiencies such as the available cartoons without handles tend to scald. The utility model has advantages of easy to use, safe and without scald.




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