Internal and external double-magnetic loundspeaker with pickup-free headphone for cell phone and amplifying and controlling circuit



A receiver hand-free loudspeaker arranged with an inner magnet and an outer magnet and a power amplifier and control circuit for radiotelephones is provided which consists of a loudspeaker and an audio control switch thereof specially designed in the utility model, a capacitance and an audio output capacitor, a diode, a power amplifier tube and collector, emitter, base resistors thereof, an audio signal input control switch and an audio signal input capacitance which are electrically connected in subsequence; the utility model can be arbitrarily switched to a receiver mode or a loudspeaker mode conveniently, and has advantages of ultra-thin, ultra-light, supermicrominiaturizational, high sensitivity, high power amplifier, high output power, graceful sound quality and low distortion. The utility model provides great convenience for realizing and satisfying product lightening, thinning and miniaturization, and many service performance requirements such as consumers#GB001 arbitrary free choices between the receiver talking mode and the loudspeaker talking mode according to their hobbies momentarily, wrong inclinations such as increasing radiation and harms to the users by using an earphone and troubles and inconveniences thereof can be avoided. The utility model can be widely used in light, thin and small-sized high sound quality electronic field and products thereof such as portable computers and vocal electronic dictionaries.




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