Heat-energy recovery unit



The utility model relates to a heat energy recovery device, in particular to a device used for recovering the heat energy in waste hot water. The utility model comprises a sink, a plurality of cavity bodies that are arranged in the sink and pipe coils that is arranged in cavity bodies. Adjacent cavity bodies are mutually communicated, the pipe coils in adjacent cavity bodies are connected in series, a heat resource inlet and a heat source outlet are respectively arranged at the two ends of the sink, a medium outlet is arranged on the pipe coil of the heat resource inlet end, a medium inlet is arranged on the pipe coil of the heat resource outlet end. The utility model divides the sink horizontally into a plurality of mutually communicated areas; pipelines are arranged at the areas for exchanging medium, the flow direction of the medium opposites to that of the waste hot water. Thus, a certain temperature gap forms between the cavity bodies from which the medium enters and the cavity bodies from which the medium leaves, the temperature at the rear end is highest and the temperature at the inlet end is lowest, the medium is heated adequately in every area and is further heated when going into the next area because the environment temperature there is generally higher than the medium temperature and finally flows out the device until the highest temperature is reached. The utility model has the advantages of good heating stability and high heat exchanging efficiency.




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