Connector of large-medium bore pipe


  • Inventors: TANWEI ZHANG
  • Assignees: 张谭伟
  • Publication Date: October 10, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-200958664-Y


This utility model relates to a connecting device of large and medium caliber pipe element, consisted of connecting piece 5, connecting bolt 4, connecting nut 3 and sealing packing ring 6; the connecting piece 5 is provided with one step shape flange piece fastener 2 which is matched with this connecting piece, and the connecting main body is consisted of bolt 4, nut 3, step shape flange piece fastener 2 and connecting piece 5; meanwhile, the cavity of this step shape flange fastener 2 is provided with one cone shape tooth clamp 8 and washer 7; the sealing component between pipe body 1 and connecting piece 5 is consisted of cone shape tooth clamp 8, washer 7 and sealing packing ring 6 at the upper part of washer 7; the height h for the cavity of step shape flange fastener 2 should be less than the height H of cone shape tooth clamp 8.Comparing with the pipe element connecting device which is universally used for the moment, the advantages are that the connection is fast, structure is simple; moreover, the joint and pipe element without connection is covered by connecting screw thread which can reduce the cost of manufacture.




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