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GB-2029189-B: Haymaker patent, GB-2029825-B: Benzothiazolyl and pyndyl n oxide disulphide derivatives patent, GB-2029925-B: Making tubes patent, GB-2030253-B: Submarine pipe line alignment rig patent, GB-2032084-B: Closure system for the bottom outlet of casting ladles patent, GB-2032934-B: Rhodium catalyzed silicone rubber compositions patent, GB-2033994-B: Friction clutches patent, GB-2034194-B: Preparing ammonia synthesis catalysts patent, GB-2034266-B: Helicopter rotors patent, GB-2035033-B: Feeding apparatus for dogs patent, GB-2035980-B: Purifying waste gases containing nitrous gases patent, GB-2036126-B: Boat or caravan closet patent, GB-2036769-B: Adhesives patent, GB-2037199-B: Brake for bending sheet material patent, GB-2037532-B: Image reproduction system with digital enlargement patent, GB-2038532-B: Super-conducting members patent, GB-2038897-B: Ketene dimer paper sizing compositions patent, GB-2039635-B: Freewheel coupling patent, GB-2040147-B: Waveform acquistion circuitt patent, GB-2040591-B: Rc-networks patent, GB-2041082-B: Device for regulating the temperature of air admitted to the suction manifold of an internal combustion engine patent, GB-2041371-B: N-substituted alkanesulphon-anilides and derivatives thereof useful as plant growth modifiers or herbicides patent, GB-2042728-B: Vortex-shedding flowmeter having dragactuated torsional sensor patent, GB-2044126-B: Method and apparatus for cryogenic grinding patent, GB-2044361-B: Gas turbine engine patent, GB-2044775-B: Process for the preparation of immunoglobulin for intravenous administration patent, GB-2047484-B: Voltage multiplier patent, GB-2047561-B: Catalytic converters for internal combustion engine exhaust gases patent, GB-2047833-B: Joining tubes to plates patent, GB-2048415-B: Pump end swivel for hose patent, GB-2049088-B: Threaded sleeve for fitting in a bore and tools for making the bore & fitting the sleeve patent, GB-2049549-B: Reciprocatinmg saw patent, GB-2049581-B: Light motor vehicle patent, GB-2049670-B: Producing l-threonine by fermentation c2c c6f patent, GB-2050613-B: Electropalatograph patent, GB-2050924-B: Hose curing apparatus and method patent, GB-2051659-B: Cut glass window pane patent, GB-2051990-B: Hydraulic brake master cylinder with anti-skid control patent, GB-2052425-B: Chain conveyor patent, GB-2052832-B: Cassette tape player patent, GB-2052983-B: Vaccine for infections bovine rhinotracheitis patent, GB-2053192-B: Separation of cresols patent, GB-2053311-B: Curvable rod or beam for buildings patent, GB-2053825-B: Apparatus for mounting transverse fins on tubes patent, GB-2054184-B: Photographic materials patent, GB-2054187-B: Photographic development process patent, GB-2054346-B: Pneumatic grain conveyance rice mill patent, GB-2055272-B: Moving coil type stereophonic pickup cartridge patent, GB-2055384-B: Homogeneous fibroblast interferon and method for manufacture thereof patent, GB-2055526-B: X-ray image signal generator patent, GB-2056045-B: Premixing type burner patent, GB-2056609-B: Blind fastener and method of manufacture thereof patent, GB-2057217-B: Missile defence method patent, GB-2058605-B: Sight glass with laminated lens assembly patent, GB-2058722-B: Stripping sheets patent, GB-2060131-B: Pump cassette for controlled intravenous feed patent, GB-2060475-B: Rollling mill patent, GB-2060681-B: Diesel fuel oils from coal patent, GB-2061056-B: Controlling the phases of video signals from colour television cameras patent, GB-2061131-B: Photographic paper base with improved durability patent, GB-2061211-B: Splashguard for vehicles patent, GB-2061459-B: Bending rollers patent, GB-2061520-B: Hydrogen sulphide detector patent, GB-2062023-B: Open-end spinning apparatus patent, GB-2062220-B: Optical transducer for detecting the angular position of a rotating member with respect to a fixed structure patent, GB-2065949-B: Coin dispensing apparatus patent, GB-2066549-B: Electronic musical instrument with memory patent, GB-2066814-B: Herbicidal 2,5-dialkylphenylurea derivatives patent, GB-2067488-B: Driverless vehicle with speed control patent, GB-2068347-B: Stabilised aluminium filler patent, GB-2068630-B: Electrochemical cell having internal short inhibitor patent, GB-2069389-B: Continuous friction-actuated extrusion patent, GB-2069484-B: Method of producing n-benzyloxycarbonyl-l-aspartic acid patent, GB-2069790-B: Device and method for automatically focusing a lens of a camera or the like patent, GB-2072107-B: Steering wheel adjustment patent, GB-2074146-B: Phosphorus-modified pitch compositions patent, GB-2074410-B: Variable emitter degeneration gain-controlled amplifier patent, GB-2075860-B: Liquid distributor for liquid/gas contact tower patent, GB-2076606-B: Weapon effect simulators patent, GB-2076944-B: Electric igniter patent, GB-2078076-B: Animal restraint patent, GB-2078428-B: Electronic musical instrument patent, GB-2078528-B: Fibrous tissue repair patent, GB-2079821-B: Tangentially loaded slip assembly patent, GB-2080385-B: Combination spring/dead bolt lock patent, GB-2081207-B: Machines for winding and heat sealing polymeric sheets patent, GB-2083041-B: Improved process for preparing difunctional polymers patent, GB-2084377-B: Apparatus for bringing wire-shaped or tape-shaped carrier into contact with carrier guide member patent, GB-2084412-B: An electrically conductive plug pin patent, GB-2084656-B: Fuel control system for gas turbine engine patent, GB-2084943-B: Folding canvas caravans (trailer tents) patent, GB-2085356-B: Improvements in or relating to lavatory paper material patent, GB-2085417-B: Improvements in or relating to devices for separating components patent, GB-2086431-B: Continuous reduction of iron-containing material patent, GB-2086506-B: Anti-skid brake control system patent, GB-2086552-B: Cupola patent, GB-2089071-B: Tracking error detection system in a magnetic reproduction apparatus patent, GB-2089110-B: High power pulsed electron beam annealing system patent, GB-2090448-B: Computer having local ram patent, GB-2091274-B: A process for the treatment of polyacetal articles patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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